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Website Communicator, owned by Rodney Brace, operated by Top Dog Advantage Inc.

Top Dog Advantage Inc., is primarily a software research and development company. Our goal is to assist online marketers, companies and Internet users with advantage solutions to their online needs.

Top Dog AdvantageWe either own, partner or affiliate with companies to bring you Top Dog Advantage solutions.

Website Communicator is proprietary technology owned by Rodney Brace, meaning we own the intellectual rights and the source code to this program.

Rodney Brace and Website Communicator are committed to providing a cost effective solution in providing communication between website visitor and website owner.

Rodney Brace's team will continue to add new features and modules to this state-of-the-art website communicator tool. Our efforts will be your advantage, we guarantee it. Feel free to use our Help Desk to tell us about additional features you would like to see added.

Top Dog AdvantageMy name is Rodney Brace and I am the founder and creator of Website Communicator. I have been involved in online marketing for many years. Those years of experience is from where Website Communicator was born.

I pride myself on providing GREAT customer service as well as delivering a fantastic product. I work hard to ensure my customers are satisfied and give them one-on-one time when needed. After all, without them I wouldn't have a business.

"Contrary to popular opinion, most purchasing is not based on the lowest price. Service is a key component in many buying decisions and can take many forms: shorter turnaround in shipping, a customer-friendly website, dealing with problems quickly, admitting, correcting, and paying for mistakes. Excellent service almost always wins out in the end." ~ Manta 'Where Small Business Grows'

Website Communicator is just one of our innovative software solutions, affordable and practicle. Website Communicator has helped clients reach sales far beyond what they feel they would have done without the aid of this LIVE streaming website application.

You don't have to take our word for it. We believe the proof is in the application itself. If you have traffic to your website and you want a method of converting most of that traffic into sales and repeat sales then you need Website Communicator. Check it out for yourself by taking advantage of the trial.


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