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Why would you need to communicate with your website visitors? I bet you've been affected by the lack of sales coming from your website. Let's face it, this can be FRUSTRATING. After all, you spend hours and money setting up your website - for sales - but it just doesn't seem to be pulling profits as you expected. Trust me, I've been there, as have countless others JUST LIKE YOU.

I have great news for you. FINALLY there's a solution. Finding it was not easy, but what really matters is that YOU can have it!

If you are interested in learning how you can turn your website into a profit-pulling-machine, and preventing your visitors from running off to your competitors' websites, then this is going to be the most important information you'll ever read.

Website Communicator Will EXPLODE Your Profits and Bank Account.
Read What One Customer Has to Say.

Website Communicator
"At Intervention 911 (featuring Ken Seeley, formerly of the A&E show Intervention) we love Website Communicator.  As our people all work remotely, it creates a visual virtual back office where we can all check in and see each other.  The online feature that allows us to communicate directly with people who are visiting our website is a real plus too.  It allows clients who might be unlikely to call to interact with our staff and get the help they need."

Eric McLaughlin
Intervention 911
Website Communicator

Rodney BraceMy name is Rodney Brace and I've gained a huge amount of knowledge because of my research, studies and personal experience from working online. I know how you feel and how frustrating it is NOT to reap the benefits of one's efforts.

Not getting results from my website is in the past for me now. I no longer worry about converting website visitors into customers. That's all thanks to Website Communicator which I created a couple of years ago. Keep reading and I'll explain everything to you and tell you how you can turn your website into a profit pulling machine.

When I first started doing my own research over 5 years ago I began to discover that even the so called "gurus" of Internet marketing were constantly changing their tactics and adding NEW tools and ideas to keep up with the ever changing Internet evolution.

If There's One Thing I Learned - You MUST Adapt or Get Left Behind

Website Communicator
In the beginning websites contained the 'written' word with a few images.
Website Communicator
Not long after the 'gurus' said you needed to add audio to your website's sales page.
Website Communicator
Next, these same 'gurus' said you needed to add recorded video to your sales page.
Website Communicator
The next phase is to add real time, LIVE streaming audio and video. That time is NOW.
You don't have to abandon everything you've learned or what you've been doing. You just need to keep moving with the evolution of the Internet or you'll simply get lost in the wake of your competitors' success. Using Website Communicator to stream live audio and video IS the next step.

Here's the TRUTH for Increased $ALE$ and Conversions
You Need to Add YOU to Your Website

I know. It's hard to believe that what's missing from your website is YOU. But, it's true. You see, sometimes we leave too many things to automation. Let me ask you a question, "Do you think you could close more sales if you had an opportunity to speak to your website visitors as they arrived on your website?" Let me ask you another question, "Do you think visitors to your website would be more inclined to spend money with you if they had the opportunity to talk to you about your product or service?"
Website Communicator
"Website Communicator is an extraordinarily effective application for those interested in using their computer for instant interaction with clients. It helps in engaging prospects and building personal relationships. This usually leads to significantly better results."

Daniel P.
Website Communicator
Website Communicator
"Located in Tunisia, we provide outsourcing services for customers overseas. Website Communicator is a great tool which allows us to interact online with customers in a totally new and effective way, and is a key for the improvement of the conversion rate of a website, to convert visitors into customers. It is so powerful that we have designed a new service which provides low cost online call centre services for businesses which want but can't afford live staff on their website."

Benoit A.
Website Communicator

Here's Why You Need Website Communicator

Website Communicator
It helps to convert visitors into customers and clicks into $ALE$.
Website Communicator
Lets you visually present your product or service, LIVE to website visitors.
Website Communicator
Communicate INSTANTLY (in real time) with potential customers via text, audio and video.
Website Communicator
Provide on-the-spot customer service for 'instant customer gratification.'
Website Communicator
Greet and welcome visitors to the EXACT page they are visiting for instant WOW factor.

These are only a few of the reasons you NEED Website Communicator. Full benefits can only be experienced when you take the program for a run, look under the hood (so to speak) and test it yourself. But, be prepared to not let the program go as many of our customers have done the same.

Just read what some people have to say about Website Communicator.

Website Communicator
Website Communicator

Website Communicator is Not Just a Pretty Face

Website Communicator is not just about you streaming on your website so visitors to your website can interact with you. It's also more than a tool to help you close sales, although this is probably the #1 reason why many people use it. Website Communicator can be the most convenient tool you will ever use to work more efficiently with other people.

Website Communicator Helps You Work Smarter not Harder

Website Communicator
Department Operator List lets you add other operators to your service.
Website Communicator
Buddy List lets Website Communicator users stay connected.
Website Communicator
Associates List allows mulitiple users to stream on the same page/site.
Website Communicator
Ability to invite other users/operators into a LIVE video session already in progress.
Website Communicator
Transfer visitors to other operators or users of Website Communicator.
Website Communicator
Push canned responses and URLs to visitors.
Website Communicator
Stream LIVE on as many websites as you want. There is no limit.
Website Communicator
Stream LIVE on Facebook pages.

With Website Communicator You Don't Have to Go Another Day Without Converting Visitors into Customers and Clicks into $ALE$.


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A few more words from happy users.
Website Communicator
Website Communicator

So, what are you waiting for? Don't let another visitor to you website leave without answering your "call to action." You owe it yourself and to your potential customers.

Here's to your online success.
Rodney Brace

P.S: You don't have to let your visitors feel abandoned and run off to another website search when you already have what they are looking for. You just need to take action today before your competitors get to this site and discover Website Communicator.

Remember, when you say yes to Website Communicator, it's backed
by a 100% 30-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!


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